The following lists McCulloch supercharger vendors that I am currently aware of. If you know of any additional vendors, or you are a vendor, then please let me know and I’ll add them/you to the list. Vendors are listed in alphabetical order.

If you do contact any of these vendors then please mention your contact source as the McCulloch Supercharger Website. It helps publicize the site and may encourage them to pass on the site details to others with an interest in the McCulloch superchargers.

When contacting vendors don’t forget that many of the VS57 parts are interchangeable between the different models, and that some of the vendors may have parts outside of their specific marques.


Craig Conley Paradise Wheels Inc

We Are PAXTON. Vortec merged with Paxton recently and decided they no longer wanted to deal with McCullough/Paxton centrifugal superchargers. So we bought everything from them: tooling, engineering drawings and blueprints, complete parts inventory and the rights to reproduce anything needed for the SN Series ball-drive blowers. We got it all – from McCullough through Granatelli to Paxton, 1952-2000. We can now provide complete repair and rebuilding service for Paxtons. All parts are available separately. We specialize in GT350 and Mustang 5-Liter kits which are complete from the correct Cobra carb enclosure box right down to every nut, bolt clamp, bracket and gasket

Daniel Evans

Ford Only. Buys, Sells and Trades 1957 Ford 2-4 and 1957 Ford supercharger parts.

Erb Products

Reknown Studebaker VS/SN supercharger rebuilder, modifier, parts supplier and parts manufacturer. John is also Chief engineer of Keith Black Performance Pistons and can be contacted Monday-Thursday 7 to 5:30 on 800 648 7970 for piston related talk.

Granatelli Motor Sports Inc (GMS)

Specialists in performance mass airflow sensors, suspension, turbochargers and superchargers. McCulloch/Paxton supercharger rebuilds conducted using brand new parts, 80% of which are manufactured in house.

Herndon Studebaker

Unfortunately Mr Herndon has passed away. The Inventory for Herndon Studebaker is for sale.JC Performance 1081 Highland Way Grover Beach, Ca. 93433 805-473-0908 voice 805-473-1508 fax

Rebuilder and Installer of Paxton Superchargers. Original inventor/manufacturer of the Oil Cooler used and sold by Paxton. We still make and sell these coolers but use the original gearoter type pump we manufacture as opposed to a fuel pump (try pumping Paxa-Trac thru a fuel pump)..Joliet Studebaker ServiceRobert Kapteyn, Sr.  112 Bissel St.Joliet, Illinois   60432voice: (815) 722-7262 or

Studebaker parts (including superchargers). Studebaker parts locating service.

Lionel Stone

Hi-Performance Reproduction parts & accessories. Includes Golden Hawk (McCulloch) and Avanti (Paxton) supercharger parts.

Myers Studebaker Parts

Specializing in Performance and hard to find parts, including McCulloch supercharger parts.

Studebaker Parts & Service

Mechanical work including carb, brakes, valve grinding, engine & supercharger overhaul and more. Studebaker/Avanti parts and McCulloch Supercharger parts.

The Carburetor Shop

Vintage carburetor spares and rebuilds. Carburetor modification for supercharging.


  • John Whyatt
  • JWS Motorsport
  • 9 Upper Priory Street
  • Grafton Industrial Estate
  • Northampton NN1 2PT
  • Telephone: 01604 – 624461
  • Fax: 01604 – 604464
  • Email:

Paxton and McCulloch rebuild service. Automotive restorations and performance modifications..