The 1930s McCulloch Superchargers

In the automotive world, the 1930s were a time of innovation and experimentation. One groundbreaking advancement during this era was the development of superchargers. McCulloch, a prominent name in the supercharger industry, played a pivotal role in shaping the automotive landscape. In this post, we’ll explore the 1930s McCulloch superchargers, their significance, and some notable models.

McCulloch VS-57 Supercharger:

  • Overview: The VS-57 was one of the earliest McCulloch superchargers, designed for flathead V8 engines.
  • Key Features: It featured a compact design, belt-driven operation, and a unique bypass system for increased efficiency.
  • Significance: The VS-57 paved the way for superchargers in passenger cars, boosting power and performance significantly.

McCulloch VR57 Supercharger:

  • Overview: The VR57 was an improved version of the VS-57, introduced in the late 1930s.
  • Key Features: It featured better cooling, improved drive mechanisms, and enhanced durability.
  • Significance: The VR57 continued McCulloch’s legacy of supercharger innovation and became a popular choice among hot rodders.

McCulloch VS-57 Aircraft Supercharger:

  • Overview: McCulloch also ventured into the aircraft industry, producing superchargers for aircraft engines.
  • Key Features: These superchargers were designed for high-altitude performance and were used in various aircraft during World War II.
  • Significance: McCulloch’s foray into aviation showcased their engineering prowess and contributed to the war effort.

McCulloch-Paxton Superchargers:

  • Overview: In collaboration with Robert Paxton, McCulloch developed superchargers for military and civilian applications.
  • Key Features: These superchargers were known for their reliability and played a crucial role in enhancing engine performance.
  • Significance: McCulloch-Paxton superchargers found applications in tanks, boats, and various military vehicles during World War II.

McCulloch VS-57 Marine Supercharger:

  • Overview: McCulloch extended their supercharger offerings to the marine industry.
  • Key Features: These marine superchargers were designed to improve power and torque for boat engines.
  • Significance: McCulloch’s diversification showcased their commitment to providing forced induction solutions across various domains.


The 1930s were a transformative period for the automotive and aviation industries, and McCulloch superchargers played a pivotal role in this era of innovation. From their pioneering VS-57 to their contributions to aviation and military applications, McCulloch’s superchargers left an indelible mark on the history of forced induction. Today, they are revered as iconic pieces of engineering that continue to inspire automotive enthusiasts and engineers alike.