VS57 Crankshaft Pulleys

This table lists the VS57 crank shaft pulleys that were available up until the end of 1956. These bolt to the existing crankshaft pulley except where noted. Many of these pulleys will apply to the 1957 model year, dependant upon the engine options available for that year. Please contact me if you have any amendments or additions.

McCulloch Part No.Application
3714850-53 Ford & Mercury53 Ford Pick Up
3730554 Ford with p/steering54 Mercury
37305 A55 Ford
37306Universal Kit ‘A’54 Ford without p/steering (1)
3738754-55 Lincoln
3756155-56 Ford & Mercury56 Ford Truck (Low Mt. Fan)
AD-100855 Dodge with p/steering55 Plymouth with p/steering
AF1-100854 F-10055 Ford Truck (1)56 Ford Truck (High Mt.Fan)(1)
AF8-100855-56 F-80056 Ford Industrial F-800
AFT-100855-56 Thunderbird
AO-100850-56 Oldsmobile
AP-1008AP-1008 B55 Dodge w/o p/steering55 Plymouth w/o p/steering56 Plymouth w/o p/steering
APO-100855-56 Pontiac
AS-100853-56 Studebaker
AS-1008 B52-54 Studebaker(side mount)
B-10454-56 Buick (2)
C-10450-56 Cadillac (3)
CH-10455-56 Chevrolet55-56 Corvette
CM-104Chrysler Marine 
CR-10455-56 Chrysler56 Chrysler 300
D-104 B56 Dodge
GH-10456 Golden Hawk
L-104 C56 Lincoln & Continental